Commercial Experience

Commercial Experience

Wendy's International
Performance Engineering
DCI will provide cloud based extreme scale performance testing and performance engineering solutions as part of a multi year contract to Wendy's International. DCI's team of engineers tested Wendy's International's main web site, corporate intranet, and Office 365 integration.

Performance Engineering, Hosting & Service Desk
DCI hosted the Create-A-Crock subdomain of DCI hosted Create-A-Crock as a fully managed service in Amazon Web Services and provided change management, performance testing, hosting, operations and service desk. Create-A-Crock allows users to create a customized Crock-Pot® slow cooker using uploaded photos.

Victoria's Secret Pink
Infrastructure Engineering, Performance Engineering, & Hosting
DCI's provided an integrated, comprehensive, re-engineering plan to mitigate VS Pink's poor site performance or downtime caused by extreme usage spike as a result of high membership and mass marketing campaigns. Our re-engineering plan was strategic, proactive, and provided an in-depth analysis of every technology in use, and integrated those technologies to deliver high availability and high capacity. Our team provided a detailed assessment of the network hardware, server infrastructure, operating systems, database, and relational persistence framework, connection pooling implementation, and the application design and implementation.

DCI's strategic engineering effort provided long term solutions to the concurrency issues that plagued the site. Our subject matter experts were able to identify bottlenecks, remediate the individual root causes of specific incidents, and increase performance from 7 to 40,000 concurrent users.

DCI also hosted Victoria’s Secret Pink Web, Social, and Mobile technologies in the cloud. DCI’s team was responsible for operations; engineering services; performance engineering; security engineering; written, graphical, and video web content management; web and mobile application development; web and mobile quality assurance; change, configuration, and release management; cloud hosting; and social, blog, and digital media support services.
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National City Bank
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
DCI's services included the integration, maintenance and support of various main frame and open systems that existed throughout the enterprise. DCI's topology design and optimization enabled the implementation of high availability, high performance WebSphere Application Server environments that allowed several hundred electronic fund transactions per second. The result of DCI's production engineering effort, ongoing maintenance and support was the reduction of downtime of mission critical systems.

DCI was also responsible for the Enterprise Java Product Ownership and administration of Enterprise Java container services as a part of a service oriented architecture initiative. Enterprise Java Product Ownership encompasses the ITIL Service Owner and Service Level Manager roles, with responsibilities that include negotiation of Service Level Agreements and Operational Level Agreements, service delivery measurement, service level compliance, determination of total cost of ownership, license compliance, and service leadership of technical support specialists.

Honda of America Mfg, Inc.
Infrastructure Engineering, Software Development & Production Support
DCI performed the assessment, selection, and maintenance of all Enterprise Java development toolsets, source control environments, continuous integration environments, automated build tools, and was responsible for the determination of development standards and processes.

As part of our continuous integration effort we provided Honda with the technical expertise and documentation that laid out the guidelines for the successful implementation of the automated build tool environment. The transition form manual to automated deployment directly correlated with increase in efficiency.

DCI's team of engineers also provided technical support of IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment (WAS) and WebSphere Portal Server (WPS) environments. These environments hosted the global production control and global line control applications which were crucial to the day-to day operations of the assembly line and had a direct impact on productivity, where downtime costs exceeded $240,000 per minute.

As part of our Continuous management effort we helped identifying baselines, provided guidelines for installing and maintaining software systems thereby implementing Agile Software Development Methodologies.
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