Architectural Design

Integrate business, strategy, and technology to obtain efficient, effective, and agile organizational outcomes

Manufacturing technologies are generally more mature information technologies. Mankind has been building things a lot longer than we have been exchanging data electronically, and it shows in our process maturity. Information Technology has only recently Agile Architecture is the foundation on which the modern enterprise is built. Monolithic architectures are a thing of the past. Agility requires an architectural strategy that can adapt with agility. The just-in-time emergent architecture requires higher frequency iteration of tactical design decisions that are consistent with a documented architectural strategy. The architectural strategy must be emergent, holistic, breaking down the traditional engineering, operations, and development silos.

DCI's architects provide both the strategy and tactics necessary to build a modular, scalable, agile project, program, or enterprise.

DCI's Architecture Services

  • Data center consolidation including assessment, planning, design, and implementation of application, network, security
  • IT modernization updating legacy systems to use latest technologies, processes, and protocols
  • Develop organizational IT strategy to suit our customers' legal and budgetary requirements
  • CI/CD implementation
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Engineering Support Services